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Care Home

India is home to the world’s largest population of HIV orphans. Unfortunately, the number continues to rise. These children face staggering risks and typically die young or live on the streets. Naz India, working with HIV/AIDS since 1994, opened its arms to HIV+ orphans to create a Care Home in 2001 after a child was abandoned at our doorstep. The Care Home is founded on the belief that all children have a fundamental right to a loving, fun-filled childhood with access to health, education, and a safe, stigma-free environment.

Today, we run a thriving residential care home with 30 children between the ages of five and 17 years. The children have come from across the country – from Maharashtra, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana, Jammu and Delhi, referred by child care institutions, orphanages, hospitals and NGOs. Naz India has given the children a lifetime commitment and provides for their educational, nutritional, medical, recreational as well as psychosocial needs.

The Home provides a holistic approach to the children’s health and well being. It provides a safe, caring and stimulating environment for them and helps to give them the best possible start in life by providing love and support.

Nutrition is vital for people living with HIV, especially children. During the course of our intervention we have realized the need for providing balanced, nutritious diet for people living with HIV. It not only prevents the occurrence of opportunistic infections but also ensures that the asymptomatic stage of HIV infection is prolonged. At the Naz Care Home, the meals are planned with an emphasis on a well balanced diet, inclusive of vegetables, fruits, cereals and pulses.

All the children above the age of three years attend school. The Care Home takes care of school fees, books, uniform and transportation. Three tutors and volunteers work intensively with the children after school to help them with their homework and provide additional inputs.

The children have yoga classes thrice a week and attend dance lessons twice a week. They are taken for educational and recreational trips. We aim to provide avenues for personality development by conducting workshops and retreats/camps.

In 2009, the Naz Care Home was designated as one of the 10 Community Care Centre for Children (CCCC) by NACO.